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This perfect hand-selected collection of products is the ideal little gift to send to someone (or gift yourself!!) who just needs a pep-up. Featuring an array of beautiful products from small Australian businesses - it'll leave no-one disappointed. 

Featured Products;

- Inspired By Ruth exclusive standard scrunchie duo 

- Liam Blends "You've got this" roller

- AromaHappy "Uplifting" scented candle 

- Hand-selected affirmation cards


 ** Please note: If you're ordering this to be directly sent to the recipient add the message for your card into the order notes box at the checkout. ***


“You’ve Got This” Roller

This beautifully handmade roller from Liam Blends containing Fractioned Coconut Oil, Bergamot, Wild Orange, Clary Sage, Cypress & Marjoram. Perfectly curated to ease stress and worries.

 NOT RECOMMENDED IN PREGNANCY: This product contains Clary Sage which is not recommended during pregnancy.