For the Mummas
For the Mummas
For the Mummas

For the Mummas

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This perfect hand-selected gift box is one dedicated to the mummas. Featuring products to uplift and revitalise, the products were selected to care for time poor and sleep deprived humans in our world.

Featured Products;

- Inspired By Ruth exclusive standard scrunchie duo OR hair claw 

- Liam Blends "Tired mumma" spritz 

- Liam Blends Coffee eye balm 

- Hand-selected Affirmation cards


 ** Please note: If you're ordering this to be directly sent to the recipient add the message for your card into the order notes box at the checkout. ***


Tired Mumma Morning Spritz

The perfect blend of calm and uplift for those moments you simply need an uplift. This versatile product can be used as a body or room spray and features a beautiful blend of chamomile and citrus oils. Want to add an extra oomph to your uplift? Keep this product in the fridge to optimise your energy boost!

Coffee Infused Eye Balm

Featuring the perfect blend of homemade coffee infused oil and natural butters, this eye balm will help with the appearances of dark circles and puffiness. Contains: Shea butter, coconut oil, cocoa butter, jojoba oil, vegan wax, coffee infused oil, frankincense oil, cypress oil, clove oil & Lavender oil. Patch test recommended before use.